The A – Z Of Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

Complete Buying Guide of Cervical Pillow 

It seems like everyone is talking about cervical pillows, but do you know what they are?

In concise words, cervical pillows are those that partially immobilize the neck while you sleep. Does it sound very orthopaedic? It is because they are!

It is not unreasonable to think of cervical pillows as orthopaedic devices, in the same way, that special insoles for the feet are.

Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

These ergonomically, suitable pillows can alleviate or even eliminate common cervical problems.

Its unique shape is responsible for educating the body to assume a correct posture when sleeping, a bit like those orthopaedic insoles.

In this way, the body does not have to overwork at night to compensate for poor posture and be delivered to a restful sleep.

Top best Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

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EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • Memory Foam




Milemont Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam


  • Milemont Brand Polar Sleep Series


Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow




Powsure Memory Foam Pillow-Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
  • Ergonomic Design

  • Relieve Pressure

  • Memory Foam Material

Sweethome Jane Memory Foam Neck Pillow Eyelash
  • Ergonomic Curve Design

  • A Medium Firm Correct Pillow

  • Memory Foam Filling

  • Washable Cover

Misiki Memory Foam Piilow Orthopedic Pillow

  • Away From Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Ideal Pillow for Back/Side Sleeping

  • Skin Friendly Pillowcase for Easy Cleaning

SEPOVEDA Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, Orthopedic
  • Neck Pain Relief

  • 5s Dynamic Foam

  • 75% cotton 25% polyester

MARNUR Cervical Pillow Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow 

  • Perfect Design

  • Ensure Good Sleep Quality

  • Premium Material

  • Washable And Reusable


Initially, everyone who sleeps on their side or their back can benefit from an excellent cervical pillow.

And those who sleep on their stomach should take steps to switch to one of the other two positions, seriously – read our specialized article to find out why.

Beyond posture, another good indication that you need an ergonomic pillow is cervical contractures.

If it’s hard for you to fall asleep and find a comfortable position for shoulder and neck discomfort, and if they haunt you throughout the day affecting your mood, then maybe it’s time to get one for yourself before your ailments become chronic.

Special pillows are also recommended for people with an altered natural neck curve or want to prevent this alteration.

Do not know if you are at risk of developing it?

Perhaps one of these common symptoms sounds familiar to you :

  • Contractures in the neck, shoulder and back muscles
  • Headaches caused by muscle tension
  • Arthritis
  • Spine and limb stiffness upon awakening
  • Temporomandibular disorders (such as bruxism )
  • Snores

You can also do a quick examination of your current pillow: lie on your side and pay attention if your neck is compressed up or stretched down.

Neither is a good sign: the neck’s vertebrae must be in a straight line with those of the back. You will be stretching or compressing excessively the muscles, tendons, and vertebrae in the opposite case.

And if you spend 6-8 hours every night like this, the origin of the neck pain is evident. Then you can repeat the exercise by lying on your back – the same principles apply.

You list of the quick check if you need a Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

  • you suffer from acute or chronic neck/shoulder/back pain
  • you feel tingling in your arms and hands during the day
  • you can’t find a comfortable position at night
  • you wake up with stiffness in the spine and extremities
  • you suffer bruxism
  • hoarse


To answer this question, you must first understand where the pain comes from.

Usually, the mattress keeps the spine in order, but if you typically wake up with neck discomfort, the pillow’s most likely cause is. Also, you may be sleeping in an ergonomically incorrect posture.

Specialized pillows have the answer to both causes. In addition to correctly supporting your neck, they work to limit movement and re-educate the body to assume a healthy posture during sleep.

Depending on your cervicals’ state of health, ergonomic pillows have one of the following two functions :


They help correct the cause of the pain and restore the muscles’ proper functioning. They can help relieve headaches, joint and neck strain, arthritis, and restoring proper nerve function.


They ensure good health of your cervicals in the long term and help support the body in its proper and natural posture. In this way, they avoid the recurrence of problems and their progression.


Being orthopaedic devices, the function of the cervical pillows is to correct a problem of body alignment.

Therefore, they can be quite uncomfortable at first, especially if you have been sleeping in ergonomically incorrect positions for a long time.

Usually, you need a little time to adjust to your new cervical pillow. Your muscles will have to learn to assume the ergonomic position at night and start accepting the pillow.

Although some change is comfortable from the first use, others need up to two weeks of gradual introduction.

Experts recommend introducing the Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain gradually, starting the night with it, and using it until you wake up.

It is convenient to return to your old pillow, progressively increasing the time with the new pillow until you can sleep with it the whole night without waking up.


It can be confusing to find the two different heights of rounded edges that these pillows usually have. Perhaps you were left wondering if there is a correct way to place it and get all the benefits.

First, you need to understand why different heights appear: for a Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain to do its job, it has to bridge the distance between your neck and your shoulder’s outer edge if you sleep on your side.

In this way, your head can rest on the pillow without the neck compressing or stretching, allowing adequate cervical support on the pillow’s rounded edge.

And if you sleep on your back, the height of the pillow’s edge has to allow your neck to stay in a straight line with the spine.

As humans, we come in all formats and dimensions, you just have to test which side best meets these requirements, and you will have your answer.

If you sleep on your back, the low side will most likely work best for you, and if you sleep on your side, the high side of the ergonomic pillow, unless you are very slim.

It is essential to put your head in the Hundred part to the pillow and never on raised edges and rounded it because they are reserved for the neck.

Only in this way can you get the benefits of a specialized pillow. And if you can refrain from putting your arm under the pillow, the better.

This posture decreases the efficiency of the ergonomic shape and also prevents proper blood circulation.



MaxxGoods Aloe Vera Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow

Outstanding Features:

  • Accommodates all sleeping postures
  • Certified high-quality memory foam
  • Two washable covers
  • With aloe vera and activated carbon
  • Breathable and fresh
  • Portable (can be rolled up to occupy less)

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The MaxxGoods Aloe Vera Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow has it all: a highly versatile shape, unbeatable breathability, and even a built-in beauty skin treatment. Users describe it as a pillow joy.


Let’s start with the most important thing – the composition. The MaxxGoods Aloe Vera Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow is made from high-density memory foam called CosyPUR, under the highest German standards.

This guarantees exceptional breathability of the pillow as well as excellent elasticity.

This elasticity is maintained in a wide range of ambient temperatures, meaning that your pillow will not last as hard as a stone in winter and semi-melted in summer.

And as if that weren’t enough, the foam on this pillow is infused with naturally-sourced activated carbon (bamboo).

This, combined with cross perforations, ensures unbeatable thermoregulation – with the NuMOON you will never get any heat.

Activated carbon has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties and suppresses odours and the growth of bacteria and mites.


Its cover is made of a double viscose fabric of bamboo fibres, with aloe vera extract.

Additionally, the cover is infused with lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus extracts, increasing its antimicrobial power and making this pillow a fantastic choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

And while you have a cover in the washing machine, you can use the other one that comes as a spare with the same properties and advantages.
Replacement covers available in packs of two and four different colours available here.


And if you still can’t convince yourself, wait until you know the shaping versatility of the MaxxGoods Aloe Vera Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow. This unique pillow is designed to be used in 4 different positions to accommodate any preference.

One of its long sides is straight, ideal for those who sleep on its side, and another concave – perfect for those who sleep on its back.

Then, the main surface has a flat side and another with a sinking, thus offering two different heights, 10 and 12 CM. Another advantage: its ergonomic shape is verified by the official German Institute of Ergonomics and Health.

MARNUR Orthopedic Cervical Pillow

Outstanding Features:

  • Maximum support for sleeping on your back
  • Educates the body to assume an ergonomic posture
  • There is an excellent quality-price relation

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Although designed to correspond to all sleeping styles and will be comfortable even for those who sleep on their stomach,

The MARNUR cervical pillow shows its qualities to the maximum when sleeping on its back.


With its peculiar shape, MARNUR is specially designed to educate the body to assume the correct posture when sleeping on your back.

The ergonomic design fits perfectly with the neck’s curvature, supporting it in all essential points and providing a comfortable surface to rest the head and shoulders.

The side parts of the pillow have a somewhat raised surface that performs several functions keeping the neck in the correct position provides soft support for the cheeks.

When the neck is turned to the side, leaving the airways open and fitting the forearms if desired to hug the pillow.

The latter is very important, since many people who sleep in the upright posture usually put their arms under the pillow, creating various problems.

One is the shoulder’s external rotation that can weaken the rotator muscles over time and another, less serious.

By raising the sides of the pillow, the airflow to the nose is somewhat obstructed.

Additionally, the MARNUR cervical pillow’s long sides have different heights to accommodate a wide spectrum of users. To find the one that best suits you, you can try both and see which one works best with your body build.


The Marnier pillow’s interior is made of a solid block of breathable memory foam with high responsiveness.

This means that it will mould to your body in a few seconds of being in contact with the skin, offering personalized support.

Marner memory foam complies with European Union RoHS standards that restrict the use of hazardous materials.


The removable cover (which, by the way, is machine washable) is made of polyester that protects memory foam.

Additionally, inside the Marnur pillow has a beautiful protective cover made of pure cotton to ensure breathability.
Its only drawback is that it can be a little hot in the summer.

Comfort Finds Butterfly Neck Pillow

Outstanding Features:

  • Ergonomics certified by the German Institute for Ergonomics and Health
  • Highest quality memory foam CosyPuR
  • Very fresh and breathable
  • Very huggable
  • Very bright and breathable
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certification

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The Comfort Finds Butterfly Neck Pillow is one of the best-rated pillows among users with cervical pain, 80% would repeat the purchase.

This pillow is designed to be an absolute delight for those who sleep on their side.

Also, very happy with it will be those who usually sleep in the position called 3/4, where the head is supported on the same side as the three-fourths of the belly.


Its butterfly shape is approved by the German Institute of Ergonomics and Health, guaranteeing this pillow’s back and cervical health benefits.

In the same way, it’s interior padding, the giant Áleman, BASF makes memory foam.

The variety of foam that Sofi pillow occupies is CosyPur, a very high-density memory foam that guarantees its stability both in high and low temperatures.

This pillow won’t harden in winter, and you won’t find it semi-melted when temperatures rise in summer.


The Comfort Finds Butterfly Neck Pillow freshness is guaranteed with the transversal perforations that make any excess heat evacuate very efficiently.

Its cover comprises intelligent PCM fibres capable of regulating the temperature, keeping the pillow always at an optimal temperature to prevent you from waking up from excess cold or heat.

The only drawback we found: the manufacturer does not sell covers separately.
Milemont Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Outstanding Features:

  • Cool even in very hot climates
  • Created by doctors specifically for people with back and neck pain
  • Ideal for those who sleep on their side and back

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This pillow’s contour is designed to properly align the head, neck, and spine at night to relieve pressure from tender spots.

Its orthopaedic profile ensures that the neck muscles are always relaxed when you rest your head on it. Its curves are designed to wrap around your body contour and adjust to your movements.

In this way, the pillow allows the muscles to relax naturally, relieve neck and shoulder pain, and contractures in the upper back area. Additionally, it can help you with headaches and decrease snoring.

To ensure maximum comfort for all users, the Supportiback cervical pillow has two heights – use it on its lowest side (7 cm) if you sleep on your back or are small, or on its high side (10 cm) if you prefer to sleep on your side.


The real innovation of the Supportiback pillow is in the gel coating that works to prevent excessive heat from building upon it. In this way, you will never have to turn the pillow again, looking for the fresh side.

The Supportiback will keep you in optimum comfort temperature throughout the night.


The Supportiback pillow’s interior is made of high-density memory foam, ensuring that your pillow will not wear out and lose shape for several years.

Organic Latex Contour Best Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

Outstanding Features:

  • 100% certified natural latex
  • Supreme quality with a touch of luxury
  • Fresh
  • Hypoallergenic and mite resistant
  • Protective cover plus two decorative outer covers
  • Very soft
  • Fabulous as a gift.

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If you’ve always felt rejected by cervical pillows for their infamous toughness, this UUQ pillow could be an excellent choice.


With its innovative design, the UUQ offers all the benefits of a cervical pillow, with adequate support for cervicals but with very low firmness.

The key is in the superficial nodules that, although made of the same latex as the pillow’s main body, have a smaller surface and therefore compress more, providing a feeling of exceptional softness and softness.


The UUQ pillow’s interior is made of 100% natural latex from rubber trees in Thailand, without any synthetic latex additives. Thanks to this, the UUQ pillow has a uniform density with a very soft and pleasant rebound effect.

Additionally, 100% natural latex is a guarantee of durability – unlike memory foam pillows, natural latex pillows can last up to 10 years.


The exterior of the pillow is made on a par with the padding. To protect the latex core, the UUQ has a protective cover made of 100% cotton.

The outer cover is designed with a touch of luxury, made of textured and silky-to-touch cotton, with a double-sided in two different highly decorative colours. And if that were not enough, also bring an additional gift cover.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud

Outstanding Features:

  • Top support
  • Patented highest quality memory foam padding
  • Hypoallergenic

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The classic pillow from the prized Tempur brand has its loyal fans who swear they couldn’t live without their own. This model was the one that launched the Tempur brand to the fame that it continues to have today.


What makes the difference with all Tempur brand products is its exclusive patented memory foam.

This high-performance material is composed of a complex mesh of viscoelastic cells interconnected in a way that ensures their high responsiveness and adaptation to the user’s own body.

Once the body rests on the pillow, it reacts to pressure and body temperature, adapting to perfectly hug the head and neck.

And if you change your posture, the foam will adjust slightly to re-deliver the best support for your cervicals. Tempur ensures that once you rest on your pillow, you will feel weightless.


The ergonomic shape of the Tempur cervical pillow is designed to guarantee optimum comfort and support.

But to enjoy all its benefits, you must choose the correct size depending on your body constitution and the posture in which you usually sleep. The Tempur pillow comes in 3 different sizes: S, M, and L.



Unfortunately, no sleeping posture is perfect, although experts agree that face up, it is the one with the most advantages.

When you are lying on your back, the blood circulation is continuous and uninterrupted in all corners of your body, and the lungs can expand freely.

The added benefit it brings the skin – this posture makes miracles for wrinkle s. Sleeping on your back has only one drawback: it can cause sleep apnea and cause snoring.

In addition to being uncomfortable for some, it is also not recommended during pregnancy.

At the same time, sleep on your side. It is recommended for those with sleep apnea and pregnant women. Its disadvantage is the limited circulation of blood on the side on which it rests.

It can also cause shoulder pain on the same side.

Finally, the only advantage of sleeping from sleeping on your stomach is that few can snore in it. It is the worst of the postures since it flattens the spine’s natural curvature and compresses the neck to one side.

Additionally, all the internal organs are squeezed, from the lungs to the stomach.

When it comes to the back and neck, the back and side positions have their definite advantages. In both cases, the important thing is to maintain the natural curvature of the cervicals.

As we mentioned previously – if this is compromised, a series of postural problems and various ailments can arise.

How can cervical pillows help?

How can cervical pillows help

Well, you are just reinforcing that natural curvature of the neck.

These specialized pillows with their characteristic shape are responsible for providing the correct support at all critical points to keep the entire spine in its natural alignment.

The raised, curved edge caters to the shoulders by wrapping them lightly and then supporting the neck while maintaining its curvature if you sleep on your back.

The head is also correctly supported in the concave part of the pillow. Thus, no part of the musculature has to contract or stretch to help the posture at night and be delivered to sleep’s reparative benefits.

Similarly, if you sleep on your side, the cervical pillow with its ergonomic design will mould to correctly fill the gap between your head and neck and the mattress without compromising the shoulder on which you rest.

The muscles and vertebrae of the neck are relaxed without having to work to support the head.
In this way, specialized pillows ensure maximum comfort and guarantee unparalleled rest.


Have you ever been told that all orthopaedic pillows are rock hard?

The truth is that ergonomic pillows have to be firm to ensure adequate support for the neck muscles. If you are a lover of very soft and fluffy pillows, the transition to a cervical pillow may take some time.

But beware, experts warn against using soft pillows for people with cervical problems.

These simply do not offer sufficient support to ensure optimal alignment of the spine and neck. If your head sinks into the pillow, the neck remains overstretched on one side and overly compressed towards the mattress.

This causes the muscles to overwork to compensate for the unnatural posture, and the vertebrae become misaligned. You already know the result: contracted cervicals.

Experts recommend using firm pillows for those with cervical problems. If you are one of them, memory foam and latex pillows are your best options.

In any case, the filling of the orthopaedic pillows does a lot to provide a pleasant touch. The manufacturing technologies have already advanced enough to offer something for every taste. We tell you more below.



The pillow fillings Many are available – foam, latex, down and feather, synthetic fibres, water or gel, and lately also natural cereal grains.

But, we are almost exclusively talking about memory foam and latex fillings when it comes to cervical pillows. Other types of padding simply are not strong enough to fulfil the orthopaedic function of the pillow.

Feathers, fibres, grain, and liquid fillers are too fluffy and often inconsistent. In other words, they move freely within the case, offering highly variable support.

And while this has its advantages – the pillows with these fillers are richer when hugging them and being more delicate and fluffy – unfortunately for cervical sufferers, they are out of the question.

What is the difference between memory foam and latex?memory foam and latex


NASA invented memory foam in the 1960s. The idea was to use it in the manufacture of spacesuits.

Although he never had a space career, memory foam found use in the medicinal industry and later in that of mattresses and pillows.

With its curious characteristics of high-tech material, the memory foam makes one of the best pillow fillers. This foam is somewhat hard to the touch initially, but it quickly softens to mould around the body with body heat.

Once the pressure is released, a visible imprint remains on the foam for a few seconds before gradually returning to its initial position.

Consequently, pillows made from this material have the best ability to adapt to each user’s personal needs and maintain their ergonomic shape for a long time.

On the other hand, latex is a material that can be obtained naturally or artificially. The natural method is to extract the serum produced by rubber trees and take it through a series of industrialized steps until obtaining a soft and highly elastic material.

Technological advances now allow synthetic latex to be manufactured as well. This is quite similar to natural, although a little harder and less durable.

Memory foam is somewhat upgraded and upgraded latex. Although the latex is soft to the touch, it quickly returns to its initial position by releasing pressure on it.

This results in a rebound effect that not everyone finds pleasant. Meanwhile, the response time of memory foam is considerably slower and can be more satisfying and softer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam?

Its most significant advantage is in the support capacity it offers for the head and neck. The memory foam distributes the weight in a very uniform way, relieving tension and helping with neck and back pain.

Another critical advantage for those who share a bed with restless couples is that the memory foam absorbs movement and does not spread.

Also, memory foam is already produced in many different varieties and manufacturers today compete to get the best features. This means that you will be able to find memory foam pillows in all price ranges.

As the last fact, this material is naturally resistant to mites, being a good option for those who suffer from allergies.
On the other hand, its main disadvantage is that it retains heat.

This can be uncomfortable for hot people or those who live in very hot climates since this material’s pillows can cause sweating.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of latex?

Latex is the absolute king of durability. An excellent natural latex pillow can last up to 10 years, while among the memory foam, few can retain shape and firmness for more than five years.

On the other hand, latex that can repel the initial viscoelastic hardness can be much softer on the first contact.

In addition to being antifungal and hypoallergenic, latex does not retain as much heat and may be more comfortable for those who are sensitive to high temperatures.

Its disadvantage is that it may have some odour at first, and if you have a very sensitive smell, it may be a little unpleasant. In any case, it evaporates in a few days.

Also, its price is much higher. Those who do not feel prepared to invest may be better for them to opt for memory foam. Although it should be noted that the purchase of a latex pillow is a long- term investment due to its high durability as we mentioned before.

Lastly, people with a latex allergy will have to avoid this material on their pillows.


You are already convinced that a specialized pillow could bring you many benefits, and you decided to get one. But which?

Today there are so many options that one can go crazy looking and comparing.

There are them everywhere, and if you frequent the supermarkets of the big ones, surely you have even been tempted to take the ones that are out there at very affordable prices in your weekly shopping cart.

But it must be made very clear: there are many pillows with the design that we all associate with the “cervical shape,” but not all of them fulfil this function the same.

And not everything is in shape; you have to pay attention to the quality of the materials used so that the pillow lasts more than a couple of nights before crushing and avoiding sleeping with something that releases substances harmful to health.

And while we can help you separate the grain from the chaff, the final decision is up. We have compiled a list of the best cervical pillows available on the market at reasonable prices to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Here we tell you the factors that should be taken into account before making the final decision.


If we could highlight just one factor to consider when choosing the pillow, the height would be the one we would choose.

To correctly perform the orthopaedic function, the pillow must be the correct height for your body.

This, unfortunately, means that there is no single pillow that works perfectly for everyone. Except maybe theUTTU “sandwich” pillow with its four heights available on an only pillow, take a look!

The standard heights of orthopaedic pillows are as follows:

  1. S: up to 7 CM
  2. M: between 7 and 12 CM
  3. L: more than 12 CM.

As a rule, only people who sleep face-up should choose low-rise pillows or size S.

Most of those who sleep on their side will be happy with the size M.

Finally, those who sleep side and have a large body size, with broad shoulders, will probably be happier with the size L.


We have already mentioned that specialized pillows have to be firm enough to fulfil their function.

Both memory foam and latex, two primary materials in orthopaedic pillow manufacturing, lack that fluffy effect we typically associate with feather pillows.

This does not mean that they have to be hard and unpleasant – the idea is that your pillow gives you that feeling of curling that will send you to the world of dreams in record time.

With technological advancements, pillow manufacturers have innovated in finishing pillow surfaces and pillowcases to provide a softer feel. Attentive to our review of the pillow viscoelastic Uuq, for example.


If you are a very hot person or live in an area with somewhat tropical temperatures, you should pay attention to how fresh the pillow is before buying it.

The latex ones generally win in this field. However, the viscoelastic ones with a refreshing gel layer and the transversal perforations allow them to breathe better.


The list of benefits of cervical pillows is long, and the contradictions almost none.

If you don’t remember the last time you fell asleep without counting the sheep to forget about your neck’s lingering pain, this is an excellent time to check our list of the best speciality pillows.

Most of us humans spend around a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is one of the most basic and essential functions for the proper functioning of our bodies.

It depends on the proper operation of so many other bodily functions such as the immune system, the ability to learn and retain what has been learned, and the regulation of blood pressure and body weight.

Therefore, ensuring a good night’s rest cannot be turned into a luxury or an unattainable holy grail. Go ahead and get a good night’s rest – you will be improving many other aspects of your health and your quality of life.

If you know someone who suffers from cervical problems, we encourage you to share this article.
Thank you!

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