8 Best Travel Pillow For Kids Secrets You Never Knew

Which pillow to choose! Many Best Travel Pillow For Kids in the market!

Here we tell you everything you need to know to choose the travel pillow for children that best suits your little companion.

You must understand that you need to take a travel pillow, with you in the same way it is necessary for your kids.

Since this way, you guarantee their rest and avoid injuries or discomfort. You also know that if your kids sleep, it is very likely that you, too, can rest.

Until recently, the market offer for toddler travel pillows was minimal.

But luckily in recent years, the right quality products have appeared, catering to different ages of children, with hypoallergenic and washable materials colourful and fun designs for them.

Where to buy a children’s travel pillow?

Perhaps you have already noticed in your waiting hours that you can find them in some (few) airports, but there is usually no variety and are more expensive.

Therefore, a good alternative and so do not leave it for the last minute before getting on the plane, make sure you take it and compare qualities and prices; it can buy it online.

After doing a market study and seeing the options, we offer you the best selection of travel pillow for young and older children.

Depending on the type of pillow and the child’s age for which it is intended.

The material and the appearance, since there are them with different colours and motifs so that your little one can also participate in the choice, deciding which one he or she likes the most.

As a summary, and although you will expand the information of each of these Best Travel Pillow For Kids further down the article, we leave you here a comparative table with the best five and their direct purchase link.

Select one of  Best 8 Travel Pillow For Kids

Product Name

Product Image



kids Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Unicorn U Shape Pillow

  • ➡️ Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • ➡️ 360 Degree Support

  • ➡️ Easy to Clean

  • ➡️Snap Closure

BCOZZY Kids- Travel Pillow




Trailblazers Travel Pillow for Kids
  • ➡️360° TRAVEL PILLOW




H HOME WINS Travel Pillow for Kids Toddlers
  • ➡️Soft and Comfortable Neck Pillow

  • ➡️Designed for Kids

  • ➡️Multi-use Travel Pillow

Animal Neck Pillow Comfortable Travel Cushion
  • ➡️The texture is delicate, soft and comfortable

  • ➡️Designed for Kids

  • ➡️Situation

  • ➡️Neck protection

Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow





INFANZIA Kids Travel Neck Pillow

  • ➡️Breathable Fabric

  • ➡️Original Design

  • ➡️360° Comfortable Care

  • ➡️Adjustable Snap Button

Critter Piller Kid's Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow, Brown Dog

  • ➡️Soft, cute, and cuddly

  • ➡️Hypoallergenic fibe

  • ➡️ Neck softness and support

  • ➡️ zipper tab

What factors influence when choosing a travel pillow for children?

The AGE of the child.

We could think that an adult pillow would do the job well with a child, or buy a travel pillow for older children even if yours is still small and last for several years.

The truth is that neither of the two things should be done since the pillow must adapt well to the size of the child’s neck and more if it is a U-shaped pillow since having an excessive size.

It can generate a lot of tension in the nape pushing the child’s neck forward or not fulfilling its function when detached.

Generally, the manufacturer indicates the age range for which it is intended.

Usually, there are young children (between 2 and 4 years old) and children between 4 and 12 years old.

MATERIALS of children’s travel pillows

It is essential to indicate that there are usually two types of kids travel pillows, those with a cover and those that do not, although they typically have two parts:

  • Stuffing: Generally, it is usually micro – pearl for the pillows of younger children and memory foam or memory foam for older children’s travel pillows.
  • Cover or outer layer: It is usually made of velvet, cotton, or polyester plush. It must be washable (better if it is machine washable ), especially if it is the cover of a cervical pillow for kids, the one that is U-shaped since they are usually closer to the mouth and tend to stain faster.

There are also some models like the BCOZZY Travel Pillow for Children made entirely of polyester microfibers and machine washable pillows.

Since children’s skin is more delicate, it is optimal to choose a hypoallergenic pillow and even better if you have fewer seams to avoid skin irritation. Also, it is recommended to wash it after each trip.


There are among these travel pillow for children, a wide offer in terms of colours, drawings, and patterns.

Some even have the shape of an animal or represent a character so that it is easier to establish a certain “relationship” between the child and the child itself.

Pillow, like a stuffed doll. With this, we can have the perfect excuse for you to use it, and thus remain calm and sleep during the trips, ensuring both your rest and ours.

The idea behind the design of these children’s travel pillows is both to fulfil the function and make the children recognize it as their own.

So they must have the functionality that adults value and the looks that children love.

Most Recommended & best Travel Pillow for kids

best Travel Pillow for kids
8 Best Travel Pillow For Kids Secrets You Never Knew

The Best Travel Pillow For Kids should be comfortable, washable, and attractive to the child.

Here we tell you the main characteristics we believe are the best children’s travel pillows that you can buy online.

kids Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Unicorn U Shape Pillow

  •  360 Degree Support

  • Easy to Clean

  • Snap Closure & Multiple Uses

This cervical travel pillow for children has the traditional U-shape to ensure the head’s correct support, keeping it vertical but allowing lateral support, allowing the child to sleep relaxed during long flights and car trips.

It is one of the pillows for children best valued by users.

Ergonomic design with ROHS and REACH certified medium-density memory foam interior material free of regulated chemicals, making it entirely safe for children.

It has two protruding sides to hold the child’s neck and neck properly.

Also, a nice touch is that the back is slightly thinner, to prevent it from putting pressure on the neck forward. It is designed with a small tie to ensure that it is securely attached to the neck.

The washable cover is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, cotton blend, and coral grass, which protects it from mites, odours, and fungi.

This fabric is breathable, thinking for hot climates and poorly ventilated environments.

The pillow is available in green and pink and includes a carry bag.

BCOZZY Kids- Travel Pillow




Without a doubt, the best-selling children’s travel pillow and one of the best valued.

The Bcozzy pillow has additional support for the chin, guaranteed 360 ° stability.

Also, the good thing about this pillow is that it is also available for adults and there are usually discounts if you buy two, choosing between the three handy sizes and 10 various colours.

It is made of polyester microfibers, it is very comfortable, soft, and machine washable.

The recess in the back ensures that the child’s head will not go forward. Compared to other designs, its duller appearance stands out.

However, in addition to the traditional colours (Green, Light Blue, Yellow, red, Gray, Purple, Blue Navy, Cherry Pink, Light Purple &Magenta), a wide variety of motifs and patterns have come onto the market.

Recommended for children ages 3 to 8 years old.

Trailblazers Travel Pillow for Kids





This trip pad is U – shaped memory foam or 100% oh-so-soft memory foam, with a fun design superhero to like and attract your child and so sure you’ll want to carry it.

The exterior is made of plush terry hair and APP cotton and is machine washable.

Ideal for the plane, the car and even to at home.

Recommended for children between 3 to 8 years old, in 1 colour.

H HOME WINS Travel Pillow for Kids Toddlers

  •  Soft and Comfortable Neck Pillow

  •  Designed for Kids

  •  Multi-use Travel Pillow

  •  Neck protection

These Home wins pillows stand out for their variety in colours and animal motifs(Tiger, Chicken, Dinosaur, Fox, Lion, Lovely Panda, pig, Pink Dinosaur, Unicorn and many more) ideal to convince the child to use them.

It is very economical, making it suitable for large families.

It is cotton inside and soft plush outside. They are washable, although it is recommended to let them dry very well since they do not have a cover for children from 3 years. 

Animal Neck Pillow Comfortable Travel Cushion

  • The texture is delicate, soft and comfortable

  •  Designed for Kids

  •  Situation

  •  Neck protection

This travel pillow is ideal since it also has the purpose of entertaining your child since it is also a stuffed doll in the shape of a fox.

Is available in six colours different.

It is made of synthetic fibre type spandex; it is of medium consistency very soft to the touch.

It can be hand washed in cold water and allowed to dry very well or dry clean.

Trunki Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow





This neck protector travel pillow is designed for young children and is ideal for travelling by aeroplane and car.

It has a circular shape to guarantee the complete stability of the child’s neck since it is connected under the chin with two magnets hidden inside the edges.

That is what keeps both ends connected, preventing the collar from moving or detaching that your child’s head tilts forward.

It also comes with the exclusive Trunki Grip to hold on to your favourite blanket or spread.

The pillow is made of a mixture of Spandex, Styrofoam, Nylex, and soft velvety plush.

It is available in six funny animal motifs, varying its price between 10 and 30 euros approximately.

It is designed for young children, between 2 and 4 years of age, with a neck circumference of fewer than thirty centimetres.

If you need a travel pillow for you, we will tell you HERE, which are the best.

best-selling children’s travel pillow


If you do not want your children to have problems on a long-distance trip by plane or car, and he can rest and let you rest, we hope we have been able to help you decide which Best Travel Pillow For Kids to buy for your next trip.

We have tried to make a selection that brings together different designs, materials, and ages to ensure that some will suit your wishes and needs.

Including the best-selling children’s travel pillow of BCOZZY and the one that we believe responds to more natural and ecological design patterns such as the cervical RESTCLOUD.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more fun or personalized design model or need one for very young children, we also give you several options.

Take a look at the comparison table and make up your mind!

Happy trip!

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