Awesome Guide of 4 best Body Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

If you usually sleep on your stomach, you likely have never had a suitable pillow for your posture.

It may come as a surprise to you, but chances have you already guessed it – your joints and your back will have given you an odd hint.

That is because only 7% of the global population prefers this position, a dramatic minority. Best reasons you need best Body Pillow For Stomach Sleepers for better sleep.

In turn, this means that the market, in general, is much more focused on creating products for all other sleeping styles, leaving those who sleep on their stomachs unattended.

While a perfect mid-height pillow or a typical cervical pillow can reasonably serve both side sleepers and back sleepers.

People who are used to sleeping on their stomachs often do not easily find a pillow that they are comfortable with.

Here we tell you what the characteristics that a pillow to sleep on your stomach must meet are.

Those who sleep on their stomach need a pillow that is quite different from others because they are more at risk of assuming a physiognomically invasive position for the spine.

In it, the lower back and the cervicals are compressed in an unnatural position for prolonged periods.

And if you add to this an unsuitable pillow that instead of providing adequate support only increases the vertebrae’s exaggerated curvature, it is clear why those who sleep on their stomach are so prone to pain.

If you are one of them and chronically suffer from neck, back, shoulder, and joint pain in general, finding a pillow specifically designed for your needs could bring you significant relief.

The best body pillow for stomach sleepers

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Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Size Body Pillow
WhatsBedding Full Body Pillow Inser-Without Cover
Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow, Contour Pillows
Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow
AmazonBasics Down Alternative Bed Pillows



Few pillows are specifically designed for sleeping on your stomach. Here we tell you about the factors that must be taken into account when choosing the right one.

The most crucial factor to consider is the height of the pillow.

While those who sleep on their side or their back need enough thickness to get the necessary support, those who prefer to lie on their stomach should opt for just the opposite.

Height around body pillow for stomach sleepers 7 CM is generally considered to be optimal. In this way, the neck’s natural curvature can be kept intact, and the head is not being forced back, creating an exaggerated curve.

Also, the lower back is protected since the upper body does not rise too high.

The next thing to consider is the pillow filling. Again, those who sleep on their stomach need just the opposite of others. A slightly soft and fluffy filling is what suits. Also, it is essential to consider breathability.

In this post, you are more likely to be affected by a pillow that retains heat. Therefore, it is key that the pillow is hypoallergenic – if you are going to spend many hours with your nose and mouth glued to it, you are at higher risk of suffering from common allergens.


Those who sleep on their stomach often prefer to skip the pillow and settle directly on the mattress.

For those who sleep on their side and stomach, this is not an option under any circumstances. Still, experts confirm that sleeping on your stomach this possibility is valid and, in some cases – recommended.

body pillow for stomach sleepers

You can go testing and seeing what is best for you.

However, if you sleep on your stomach, whether or not you use a pillow under your head, you should consider incorporating a pillow under your hip.

This will help correct the exaggerated curvature that occurs in the lower back in this pose. It should be fine and not too firm to accommodate the posture without pushing the body into an uncomfortable position.

There are also specially designed for this use – the Tusscle brand with its ergonomic design and buckwheat husk filling is the best seller.

Another important point to consider, and especially if you intend to sleep without a pillow, is to make sure that your mattress offers the best possible support. Unfortunately, that means no excessively soft mattresses.

Although the sensation of lying on a soft mattress is the closest thing to lying on a cloud, the effect on the spine is entirely counterproductive.

Without sufficient support, our support points sink too far into the mattress, and the curvature of the back is exaggerated strangely.

If you suspect that your back pain is precisely your mattress, we encourage you to discover Toppers – an inexpensive solution that transforms your mattress in an instant.

Here we tell you in detail about the best pillows for sleeping on your stomach, and that adapt perfectly to both modes of use – under the head and under the hips.



Snuggle-Pedic Ultra

Outstanding Features:
• thickness 6 CM
• high-density memory foam padding
• certified ergonomic qualities
• breathable
• does not retain heat
• breathable cover


With its height of 6 CM, the Hadar Low Pillow is one of the flattest on the market, where more than 90% of all pillows are between 12 and 17 CM thick.

In this way, the Hadar Low ensures that your neck will be compressed backwards as with pillows designed for other postures.


The Bamboo Shredded memory foam in this upside-down sleeping pillow is high-density produced to the highest German standards.

Thanks to this, its filling is firm but very responsive, adapting quickly to posture changes, without ever looking too firm. Thanks to its high quality, you will not feel that you are sinking into it or losing its support.

Ergonomic and orthopaedic

Its ergonomic qualities are certified by the German Institute of Ergonomics and Health, to ensure that this pillow provides optimal support for the neck and cervicals while relieving the pressure points responsible for generating pain.


The ventilation channels incorporated in the pillow’s body guarantee an efficient evacuation of the heat and humidity that the body generates at night.

In this way, the Hadar Low will never overheat and always maintain optimal thermal comfort.

Additionally, its cover is specially designed to ensure a high coefficient of breathability and thermoregulation.

Its microcapsules regulate the pillow temperature and ensure that it does not stray from optimal comfort.


Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR

Outstanding Features:
• ergonomic butterfly shape
• Ideal for those who sleep on their stomach and in the 3/4 posture
• shredded memory foam padding
• Very malleable and huggable
• plush and luxurious touch
• breathable and washable cover


In the world of rest, the American brand Tempur-Pedic has great prestige.

In the 90s, they were the pioneers when they made a material developed by NASA enter our homes – memory foam, initially designed for space suits, now it is synonymous with proper rest.

Ergonomic butterfly shape

Within the full range of Tempur pillows, the Ombracio stands out for its peculiar shape and very different from the typical rectangular or cervical one that we all know well.

This ergonomic shape has a particular purpose: to facilitate the best possible rest for those who alternate between lying face down and the so-called 3/4 posture while sleeping – with the belly partially supported against the mattress, the upper leg bent to the side and the head sideways.

This pillow’s curves are designed to offer adequate support for the head, neck, shoulders, and upper trunk, while allowing the arms to pass under it to make a very comforting and curled hug.


As we already mentioned, Tempur-Pedic were the ones that introduced memory foam into the world of pillows and mattresses. To this day, the memory foam that leaves its factories is still of the highest quality.

In the Ombracio pillowcase, the memory foam padding is not composed of a single piece, but of crushed foam particles. Although pillows with this type of padding have a bad reputation for particles’ tendency to clump together and form lumps, this is simply not the case with Umbraco.

The memory foam pieces are small enough, and the amount of padding is precisely measured to fill the pillow’s shape. The result is a pillow that looks like it’s made from a solid piece but feels much softer and dramatically softer.


As for breathability, filling this pillow is extra porous, ensuring a comfortable temperature at any time of the year.

Also, its washable cover has a composition of polyester and elastane that allows adequate airflow, in addition to repelling mites naturally.

The only downside we find is that its particular shape makes traditional covers not fit well. Although the Ombracio will fit seamlessly into a standard rectangular sleeve, it is clear that the fit will never be okay, which may upset some.

However, it is worth mentioning that the custom covers are available at this link. With a variety of almost 30 colours, you can surely find some that will match your sheets.

Memory Foam Down Sleeping Pillow (SOFI)

Outstanding Features:
• thickness 8 CM
• high-quality German memory foam CosyPUR
• durable
• fresh and breathable
• intelligent temperature regulation
• cover with aloe vera
• OEKO-TEX 100 certification
• hypoallergenic
• very transportable


This Sofi brand Pillow model was specially designed to provide a natural posture for those who sleep low down. Its height is 8 CM, thus fulfilling an essential requirement for comfortable sleeping on your stomach.


SOFI’s Upside Down Sleeping Pillow is made from CosyPur foam, a highly advanced iteration of clastic memory foam.

It is characterized by high resistance to temperature changes, ensuring that the pillow will retain its long-term properties and not losing support during hot summer nights and not becoming too hard when temperatures drop in winter.

Breathability and freshness

The CosyPur foam itself guarantees this pillow’s high breathability, but to this are added the transversal perforations that help evacuate excessive heat.

This means that the Hadar Low will never accumulate your body’s warmth, ensuring a more continuous sleep since you will not see yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to excessive heat.

Additionally, this pillow has a high-tech fabric cover called PCM.


Its fibres are thermoregulatory, meaning that they will activate as soon as the temperature rises beyond the optimal comfort to cool the pillow and vice versa – if the temperature drops too low.

The fibres will raise the heat a bit ensuring that you do not wake up.

Finally, this pillow’s cover is infused with aloe vera providing additional benefits for hydration and skincare.
Hypoallergenic and free of harmful substances.

The manufacturer, the German brand Sofi, takes great care to comply with all current European standards.

This pillow is manufactured under the Oeco-TEX 100 standard, meaning that all the materials used in its production are 100% free of substances harmful to health.


The Sofi pillow comes with a handy cover to roll it up quickly and take up less space – good news if you don’t like to part with your pillow when you travel.

Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow (Elite Rest)

Outstanding Features:
• 7 CM tall
• high-density memory foam
• optimal support
• very soft to the touch
• 100% cotton cover
• hypoallergenic


If you’re one of those who sleep on their stomach feel like they’ve never had a custom-made pillow, the Ultra Slim Sleeper from Elite Rest could change that.

Its full name could be translated as “ultra-slim sleeper” and is specially created with the needs of those sleeping below in mind.

Its height is dramatically less compared to the pillows created for other sleeping styles. With its 7 CM thickness, the Ultra Slim Sleeper guarantees optimal support without forcing the cervicals’ natural curvature.

In this way, once the pillow’s headrests, the neck remains in its natural alignment, ensuring optimal rest.


When it comes to padding, the Ultra Slim Sleeper is made from high-quality memory foam. This high-tech has unique properties – while it has a lot of density that ensures excellent firmness, it is also highly responsive.

In contact with body heat, its surface softens in a few seconds to adapt perfectly to the body’s contours. In this way, the pillow can offer excellent support without being excessively hard. On the contrary – it feels very soft to the touch.


The removable Ultra Slim Sleeper cover comprises 100% cotton, the best pillow covering material thanks to its natural properties, and high breathability.

This ensures that the pillow will never retain excessive heat.


Both the cover and the filling of this pillow are hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, resulting in a perfect option for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

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