Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow Secrets You Never Knew

In this article you know how can breastfeed your baby comfortably and safely, enjoying such a natural and beautiful experience.

Forget about uncomfortable moments of discomfort in the back and permanent tiredness in the arms and turns the action of breastfeeding. Here I discover the best Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow for you.

Beyond the essential fact that feeding and the importance of breast milk suppose in the nutritional benefits for your newborn, in the way to foster the connection and bond between you and your baby.

Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow, I specially selected for you-

Why do I recommend it?

It is evident that our mothers and grandmothers managed without a nursing pad for years.

Although we may think that such a pillow is not vital while breastfeeding your newborn baby, it is proven that they are convenient and useful to ensure that you do this—a new task in a comfortable and relaxed way.

Using a breastfeeding cushion is especially recommended for mothers and fathers (remember that they are also very comfortable giving the bottle) first-timers.

Today, thanks to the wide offer on the market, it is better to take advantage of it if you can have a nursing cushion.

We tell you why.

A right breastfeeding pillow is an essential maternity item.

It helps you position your baby in the best way to breastfeed, allowing you to have relaxed arms and tension-free back and shoulders, especially during the first weeks of breastfeeding.

If you have not already verified it, you can imagine that breastfeeding is an entirely new activity.

Although most women indeed come out very naturally and instinctively as mothers, you must have A good posture.

You are relaxed to do it to avoid discomfort and so that the baby does not notice your possible tension or discomfort.

What is a Breastfeeding Cushion for?

my brest friend twin nursing pillow amazon

In addition to what has been said previously, it is proven that the use of a breastfeeding pillow helps to accelerate the learning curve of both the mother and the baby, avoiding added moments of stress.

Having your arms more relaxed and your hands available makes it possible to focus on improving the baby’s grip, ensuring breastfeeding without discomfort for you.

In this way, when you place your baby on your lap on a cushion, you help raise it to the chest, and thus you will not have to lean, you will be more comfortable, and you will guarantee that your baby is always in a safe posture.

The main objective is to provide both of you with an essential task such as eating and that you will have to repeat several times a day, for many days.

Doing it in a relaxed way will help establish a better bond between your child and yourself.

Nursing pillows are highly recommended for premature and twin babies.

Also, we have already said they are especially recommended for parents first-timers.

But also the nursing pillows are very beneficial for those mothers who gave birth by cesarean section because they avoid adding more difficulty, can act as an abdominal wall so they are convenient for faster recovery by preventing the need to move around a lot.

Is the nursing pad a good investment concerning Use-Price?

my brest friend twin plus nursing pillow

The answer is yes, without a doubt.

Good quality guarantee breast pillows usually cost between 25 and 70 us dollar or max 160 us dollar, and it is something that you will use several times a day for many weeks.

They all have washable covers.

More and more brands sell covers separately (with different designs and colours), so the cushion’s durability is guaranteed, being able to use it in the future if you have more children.

You must bear in mind that the baby’s weight, together with a large amount of time and the repeated number of times the mother has to hold it to breastfeed or bottle-feed, makes the mother begin to force our back, arching our shoulders forward.

Which generates a lot of tension, making you feel your arms numb, with a tingling sensation and what generates accumulated fatigue.

The pregnancy cushion goal is precisely to keep your baby up at the right height to feed her without losing a correct posture.

The versatility of the Maternal Cushion

Furthermore, they can also function as travel pillows, pregnancy pillows, or body pillows. With so much on offer and more, you can feel a little overwhelmed if you’re a first-timer.

Below, I will give you some practical tips on how to use it, the best recommendations, and what are the best nursing pillow you can find on the market.

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With the following selection, we wanted to make it easy for you and help you get it right when choosing your pregnancy cushion.

We have included models of specialized brands, with which moms are fully satisfied and which are therefore also the best sellers.

As there is so much variety, we have ensured that the list includes different shapes and sizes, degrees of firmness, and materials, covering all the market options but being concise and highly selective.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner


Outstanding Features:

  • Very popular and top rated
  • 4-in-1 multipurpose
  • 190 cm long
  • Lightweight, silent silicone polyester fibre filling.
  • Anti-mite and Hypoallergenic
  • 100% cotton machine washable cover
  • U-clasp clasp
  • Satisfaction and Return Guarantee
  • Have two Alpha and Alpha + models (with additional cushion)
  • Unrivalled Quality-Price

This Boppy Original Nursing Pillow is the best-selling and best-rated pillow. It is possible because it combines the best of a pregnancy pillow and a nursing cushion.

It has a simple but very versatile design since it serves as a nursing cushion, a cushion for your baby, a-side pillow during pregnancy, and a fall protection pillow.


The filling is based on silicone polyester fibres that make it very comfortable and comfortable with medium firmness and easily adaptable to different uses.

It is a large cushion since it is 190cm long when stretched (it really occupies 150cm since it is shaped like a boomerang), but it is very light (1.18kg in weight) thanks to its padding.

Also, note that the cushion does not make sounds when you move it.


The cover of this pregnancy cushion is, of course, removable and machine washable at 30 °. It is 100% cotton, hypoallergenic.

It is available in two designs, with a grey background and white stars or grey background and white polka dots.


Thanks to its size and shape, this maternity pillow is ideal to use as a support for your belly when you are lying on your side during pregnancy.

Also, as a nursing cushion, wrapping it around your waist and over your legs.

Also to accommodate your baby while resting or sleeping a little nap and finally, as bumpers, for example by placing it on the edge of the crib.

Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner


Outstanding Features:

  • 4-in-1 multipurpose
  • 150 cm long
  • Polystyrene microbead filling
  • 100% cotton machine washable cover
  • U-closing strap
  • Comes with a baby restraint kit and protective carrying pouch-bag that give it an exceptional plus

Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow is one of the best-selling pillows due to its excellent comfortability and being very adaptable, having a medium size.

Its matching carrying bag with the cushion stands out and includes a kind of support panty to accommodate your baby without moving, avoiding scares or falls.


Composed of polystyrene microbeads.


The white cover with grey stars has a very fresh and simple look. It is removable and washable cotton.


Thanks to its size and shape, this maternity cushion is ideal to use as a support for your belly when you are lying on your side during pregnancy.

Also, as a nursing cushion, wrapping it around your waist and over your legs. Also to accommodate your baby while resting or sleeping a little nap and finally, as bumpers, for example by placing it on the edge of the crib.

Chicco Boppy Pillow


Outstanding Features:
• Compact and Light
• Dimensions 48x52x15cm
• Firm and undeformable
• Machine washable, interchangeable cotton cover
• Great variety in the design of covers
• Ideal for teaching your baby to sit

Chicco Boppy Pillow or cushion is a benchmark in the world of protective buffers.

The specialized company Chicco has been recognized for 13 years as ‘The best baby product’ in the United States, so its quality is more than assured.


It is made based on a mixture of fibres. It highlights its firmness that makes it in deformable and that it does not change with use.

I also highlight the flat shape that makes it very comfortable when supporting the baby and our arm during lactation.


The cotton cover is removable and machine washable.

Also, Boppy has a lot of variety of designs, with a multitude of patterns and colors, and that you can buy at this link separately.


The totally ergonomic shape adjusts easily and comfortably to the contour of your waist. When children are learning to sit, this cushion is ideal for helping the baby stay seated.



Outstanding Features:
• Very ergonomic
• Dimensions 60×45
• 100% cotton machine washable cover
• 100% polyester filling
• Breathable

This breastfeeding cushion from the brand, specialized in baby products, is very light and compact and adapts very well to any waist. If you have to put a, but it may be a little low.


The filling is made of premium polyester fibres, with a medium density.


The cover is removable and machine washable, 100% cotton.


This nursing pillow is to be used sitting down and placed on your legs by holding it to your waist.

It can also be used as a cushion for your baby to learn to stay seated from the fifth or sixth month.

What should you take into account to choose the best nursing cushion?

                                                     Buying tips

When buying a nursing cushion, you must consider several factors to ensure the baby’s correct support while maintaining good posture.

Regardless of the breastfeeding pillow you choose, it must maintain a correct height during your breastfeeding moments.

We also recommend that you choose a cushion with support in the lower back area if you usually suffer from back pain.

Ensure the maternity cushion has flat enough surfaces so that your baby stays stable and doesn’t move too much towards you or drip out.

In the selection that we will see below, this is true.

Breastfeeding Cushion Shapes

In the same way that happens with conventional pillows, breastfeeding cushions also have different shapes.

However, they are all designed to be placed around the waist, so they are usually shaped accordingly.

C or U Breastfeeding Cushion

C or U Breastfeeding Cushion

The most common form of nursing pads is C or U, that is, a horseshoe shape.

On the one hand, the open part accommodates your waist, and on the other, the curved area is where your baby rests when breastfeeding.

The good thing about these types of breastfeeding pillows is that they are large enough to be used as a baby cushion, such as when you are learning to sit or as a cushion to let your baby take a nap.

The Boppy nursing cushion, for example, serves as a lumbar support cushion or even as a travel pillow.

Pregnancy and Lactation Cushion

They have a more elongated shape and are intended as a pregnancy and lactation cushion since they also serve to sleep on them, in which you can support your belly and hug it with your legs while you relax before giving birth.

Once you are a mom, it serves as a wrapping nursing cushion, you can wrap it around your back and support your lower back on it, while the front part, which wraps around your waist, serves as a support for the baby while feeding.

In addition, this type of cushion can also be used to leave the babysitting slightly reclined, when the baby is about 5 months old and that she is learning to sit and remain stable without fear or fear.

Within these cushions, we can differentiate two types:

On the one hand, some are pregnancy pillows and that the primary function is to help you during sleep by giving you the most excellent comfort.

In contrast, you sleep and that after delivery can serve as a lactation cushion when rolled up and accommodating it to your waist to breastfeed your baby.

It can also serve as a cushion to place your little one or small to rest near you while you do other activities.

And on the other hand, we find in the market:

Multifunction Maternity Cushion: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Baby Nest Cushion

These cushions are designed for mothers who prefer a more versatile cushion than the compact U- or C-shaped nursing cushion.

They are generally Boomerang-shaped, they are very adaptable and comfortable also for tall and large women.Boomerang-shaped pillow

The shape of this type of maternal cushion does not require you to attach it to your waist fully and makes it more flexible.

It gives you more freedom when acquiring a posture, which is advantageous for some mothers, although you should always use it sitting or lying down when not holding so tightly to the waist.

Example of a Multipurpose Breastfeeding Cushion.

They are J-shaped or Boomerang and fold in a U to wrap around your body or accommodate your baby.

This cushion, also ideal as a fall protection cushion, also serves as a prenatal pillow or a cushion in which you can accommodate your baby to learn to stay seated or nap. It, therefore, serves as a Baby Nest Cushion.

To not be confused, we tell you that the largest nursing cushions, such as those that are J-shaped or Boomerang, usually fold in a U-shape, but can also be used stretched and measure between 140 and 190 cm long.

Twin Breastfeeding Cushion

As its name suggests, it is intended for mothers of twins or twins. know more

They are usually more rectangular in shape, designed to be worn sitting around your waist, and usually have small lumbar support.

Luckily they are compact and measure around 70x55cm, enough to accommodate your little ones.

Example: Mimuseline Twin Breastfeeding Cushion

Breastfeeding Cushion Sizes

The size in the case of a nursing pillow is closely associated with the shape.

We can say that the most compact is those of type C or U whose approximate dimensions are 55x50cm.

The good thing about these cushions is that they are the easiest to transport and carry from one place to another, even when leaving home or travelling.

On the other hand, there are maternity and nursing cushions of intermediate size that you can normally fold in a U-shape and knot or fasten at the ends and whose size when stretched is approximately 160cm.

For example, the Jane cushion or the cushion for Scamp breastfeeding which when folded and fastened also serve as a nest cushion.

Lastly, the largest boomerang-shaped nursing cushions, when stretched, usually measure 190cm.

Some moms prefer these cushions since they give more freedom when it comes to fitting it in your body or to use it while you are lying down, as a support for your baby.

They also serve as protection barriers or argue that you can put on the edge of the bed, sofa or crib.

Filler Materials and Covers

Both the filling material and the cover material are key in your choice.

The best thing in the first weeks, when the baby is newborn, is that the cushion is firm, and if you want, you can move on to softer ones as it grows.

Generally, the filling is usually made of polyethene fibres or silicone polyester fibres, and micro – pearl nursing pads are also very common.

In general, breastfeeding cushions, both those that are expressly designed for this and those that are also pregnancy pillows.

Usually have some of these padding materials since they are very versatile and manageable but give adequate firmness and support.

Once your baby is born and feeding it with the help of the cushion, you can rest it for the first few weeks on it, you just have to contour it and give it the proper shape.

If you are looking for a totally natural material, there are models like those that have their filling based on buckwheat grains.

As for the covers, the main thing is that they do not cause irritation, therefore, in addition to having soft touch, it is best recommended if they are hypoallergenic, and of course washable.

In this sense, there are synthetic materials with good acceptance, such as polyester fibres or natural ones such as cotton.

Cleaning and Care

Although there are (very few) slightly cheaper models without a washable cover, the truth is that it is not worth it since it is very common to stain them daily.

Therefore, most models consider a removable and machine washable cover, and these are the ones we recommend.

Also, for your peace of mind, brands sell additional covers with a wide variety of designs and colours.

Regular cleaning is recommended, preferably a machine wash, once a week. Many nursing cushions models have covers that you can buy separately; at the end of this article, we tell you more about this.

Where can you buy a cheap nursing pad?

As we have said, there are a lot of options on the market, but not so many specialized stores.

Therefore, if you want to compare the different models without wasting much time, the most recommended and simple is to buy it over the internet and have it available in a matter of hours.

Otherwise, you can also tour your city searching for one that resembles and meets the characteristics of the one you liked the most.

How to use the nursing pillow?

After reading this article, we hope we have clarified a bit of the doubt about which breastfeeding cushion suits you. Once you have it, the recommendations for use are simple:

If you have chosen a C-shaped pregnancy cushion, the important thing is that you place it well around your waist.

If you are sitting and your pillow has lumbar support, you must adapt it well to your lower back.

Place your baby in the front area, in a crib position, accommodating her around your arm.

If all is well, neither your shoulders nor your arm should feel the tension. With the other arm, help bring your baby closer to your chest and accommodate him or even bottle feeding.


Do you need to change or renew the cover of your nursing cushion? We leave you here the link to compare with the nursing cushion covers of two of the best brands, so you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colours. They are all washable cotton covers.

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