How To Use Boppy Nursing Pillow-The Ultimate Guide

An article that I consider essential with the arrival of a newborn is a cushion that allows the mother to breastfeed the baby comfortably, such as the How To Use Boppy Nursing Pillow.

How To Use Boppy Nursing Pillow

But Boppy is not only useful for feeding the baby, but it also has other uses. It has been chosen as the best children’s product in the United States for six years, and it has the guarantee of the Chicco brand.

I have been able to compare it with other nursing cushions. Its quality has really seemed superior to the others.

It is semicircular, so it adapts to all sizes and keeps the baby at the optimal height to take it, reduce regurgitation and avoid bad posture to the breast.

I especially liked the texture of its filling. It is soft on the outside to support the arm, but at the same time, firm on the inside to support the baby and not sink into the cushion.

I also found it very practical that it not only serves to feed the baby more comfortably. It can be used to put her to bed after taking it and to remain in a semi-sitting position, thus facilitating digestion.

In addition, thanks to its rounded shape, the Boppy pillow serves to hold the baby once it begins to sit on its own and thus prevent it from falling to the sides. know more

It has a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine and at the same time, they are sold separately in case we want to renew it. The price is around 58 $ and the cover, around 16 $.

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