The 5 Best Latex Cervical Pillow

Is it hard for you to fall asleep due to the constant discomfort that your cervicals produce?

Maybe you can fall asleep, but your sleep is not as restful as you would like. You will choose the best Latex Cervical Pillow for better sleep.

The solution to your problems could be more comfortable and faster than you imagine – users of cervical latex pillows confirm an improvement in symptoms in the vast majority of cases.

Latex Cervical Pillow: IT’S FOR YOU OR NOT

latex cervical pillow
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Home is everything one could ask of a latex pillow: healing, natural, hypoallergenic, and luxurious design.

If you need a remedy for your cervicals, but prefer to skip the typical hard orthopaedic pillows, the thebedofheaven Home is everything you always wanted and more!

With its innovative design, this pillow will give you all the necessary support to your cervicals, without depriving you of that feeling of curling that we all like.

Please read our full review to see all its benefits!


• You suffer from cervical or back pain
• Are you looking to put a solution to snoring
• You like soft and soft pillows
• You prefer natural materials
• You need a hypoallergenic pillow
• You sleep mainly on your side and mouth up.


• You suffer from latex allergy
• You are a hot person.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow


Latex Cervical Pillow

Featured Features


The thebedofheaven Home Latex Cervical Pillow has an ergonomic cervical design to ensure the body’s correct positioning at night.

Its curvilinear shape is designed to perfectly accommodate the space between your shoulders and the head, supporting the cervical and neck orthopedically.

In addition to its two available heights (one side ten and the other 12cm high), this cervical pillow adapts to a vast spectrum of users.

Additionally, the thebedofheaven Home Pillow has an innovative finish, in the form of nodules whose shape resembles that of the egg carton.

Its primary purpose is to hug the head and neck, thus offering a softer and fluffier effect.

The added benefit for those who sleep on their backs and are often the most avid snorers is that the ergonomic shape decompresses the airways – in simple words.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow


When buying a latex pillow, special attention must be paid to its composition. According to international standards, manufacturers can affix a “natural latex” label if the pillow filler is at least 40% from natural sources.

In this way, you could be buying a pillow that contains up to 60% of a petroleum derivative, thinking that you are taking a 100% natural product.

In addition to paying a high price for a product with inferior characteristics – synthetic latex is more rubbery, less adaptable, and has a more pungent smell; not paying attention to the pillow’s composition can put your health at risk.

Synthetic latex can cause severe consequences on your nervous system and cause headaches, tiredness, depression, and hearing loss, among other things.


To make sure you’re buying a natural latex pillow, always look for the “100% natural latex” label. The “natural latex” ones can contain as little as 40% of real natural latex.

On the other hand, international standards require absolute purity of latex origin to use the “100% natural latex” label on pillows.

The thebedofheaven Home Latex Cervical Pillow is one of the few pillows on the market that does have the guarantee of origin – its filling is made with a pure serum extracted from rubber trees’ bark in Thailand.

The manufacturing process applied by Royal Latex is called Talalay; it is more modernized and achieves that the final product has the same density in all areas, thus ensuring more uniform and smooth support than the traditional process called Dunlop.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow


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The thebedofheaven Home Latex Cervical Pillow comes with two of its covers.

The first one has a protective function for the pillow filling and is made of 100% cotton.

The second one gives this pillow a touch of luxury – it is made of very soft and silky natural cotton, and with a very decorative design, with double-sided in two colours. If you are looking for a gift pillow, this is a great option.


Thanks to its orthopaedic shape, with two different heights, the thebedofheaven Home Latex Cervical Pillow is the perfect option for those who sleep on their side.

Who can use their highest team and sleep on their backs, which are recommended to use the lower side?


Latex pillows are reputed to be very hard, but in the thebedofheaven Home Pillowcase, the firmness is well balanced.

The pillow is firm enough to ergonomically support your cervicals and shoulders, without being hard to the touch. Its characteristic egg-carton-like surface is a smart innovation in the world of latex pillows.

Its nodules have a smaller surface area, which means that they crush much more efficiently, thus offering a soft and fluffy touch.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow

Users have reported a full head melting sensation on this pillow, a good sign for those looking for that effect of sleeping in the clouds.

On the other hand, the pillow’s main body, made of a solid piece of latex, has much more excellent resistance and maintains its ergonomic shape to offer adequate support.

In conclusion: if you want to enjoy all the advantages of a 100% natural latex pillow, but prefer softer pillows, the thebedofheaven Home Cervical Latex Pillow is the perfect solution for you.


When it comes to freshness, Royal Latex Talalay latex filler triumphs again. Its open pore structure guarantees the most excellent possible breathability and an adequate evacuation of moisture.

The same production process for this type of latex ensures an even temperature distribution, making this pillow one of the world’s most cooling latex options.

However, if you are a hot person, perhaps with the thebedofheaven Home Pillow, you would not make the perfect match and neither with any other latex pillow.

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What else do I need to know?


One of the main advantages of the thebedofheaven Home Pillow is its excellent durability.

Its composition of 100% natural Talalay Latex allows the manufacturer to guarantee ten years without any deformations on its pillows.

The main culprit is the previously mentioned Talalay manufacturing method, resulting in a much more porous latex with greater resilience.

This, in turn, ensures a high material density that is long-lasting and an unsurpassed rebound effect – the pillow returns to its original position after use, night after night, and year after year.



The Sofi Mariposa cover is suitable for machine washing at a thebedofheavenimum of 40 degrees. The padding, being made of memory foam, cannot be washed since it could be damaged and lose its ergonomic qualities.


Some users find the natural smell of latex somewhat annoying. If you are one of those with a very developed sense of smell, you may also find it unpleasant.

It should be noted that the scent evaporates quickly if you leave the pillow in a well-ventilated place, hopefully outside, for 2-3 days.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow


Talalay latex is an excellent choice for people with allergies and asthma, being naturally resistant to mould, mildew, and mites. Furthermore, the properties of latex are intrinsically antibacterial and antifungal.

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow


The Talalay-type natural latex production process uses natural and biodegradable ingredients from renewable sources and natural raw materials: natural rubber serum, air, and water.

Rubber trees are not damaged in the latex collection process. They have a productive age of 25 years, during which they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help reduce the greenhouse effect.

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The manufacturer Royal Latex has ensured that receiving your new pillow was a luxurious experience. The package you will receive is tiny since the same pillow is vacuum packed.

Once the plastic wrap is removed, it will take only a few minutes for the pillow to regain its size and shape thanks to its padding’s excellent elasticity.

The package also includes a protective cover, a decorative outer cover, a gift bag, and watch-out instructions.


Both covers are machine washable with similar colours at a thebedofheaven minimum of 40 degrees. The latex filler is not suitable for machine washing as it could lose its properties.


Manufacturer: Royal Latex ( Thailand )
Warranty: 10 years
Return: Yes
Size: 60 x 35 x10 / 12 CM
Weight: 1.3 KG

One of Best Latex Cervical Pillow

In summary:Cervical Latex Pillow

Latex Cervical Pillow thebedofheavenHome is an excellent choice for people who sleep on their side or back and suffer from neck pain.
Its 100% natural memory foam latex padding is top quality, and its ergonomic shape is developed to guarantee superior support without sacrificing softness.

materials 4.9

Support 4.6

Comfort 4.5

Freshness 4.0

Price-Quality 4.3


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