Latex Pillow Review

The world of pillows seems endless, and sometimes knowing which one is best for you becomes difficult. But don’t worry we help to choose the best latex pillow from our Latex Pillow Review.

Next, we want to make it a little easier for you, telling you everything you need to know about what a Latex Pillow implies.

Its main advantages and some drawbacks, the material’s characteristics, how long they last, how to clean them and much more.

Also, if you are looking for a natural pillow, latex is an excellent option.

Later we will tell you how latex is obtained and the best choices of natural latex pillows you can buy.

A right latex pillow ensures durability, great support, and weight distribution of your head and neck, relieving possible head and neck pain.

It is also soundproof, cool (does not accumulate as much heat like memory foam pillows), anti-dust mites, and a perfect option for sleeping on your side.


Latex Pillow full review

A Useful Guide that also includes a selection of what we believe is the best latex pillows. Below, we extend information with our models of preferred latex pillows, with our review and endorsed by hundreds of users.

A detailed review so you can choose without hesitation.

We have included both cervical pillow-shaped models and more classic soap bar-shaped models. They also include pillows of various sizes, heights, and degrees of firmness to cover all tastes and sleeping positions.


Cervical pillow Natural Latex 


Aloe Vera KamaHaus Latex Pillow


Latex Pillow Ideal for Sleeping on the Back and Children


Talalay Latex Pillow with GOTS Certified


All Natural Latex Pillow with Organic


MALOUF Z Zoned Pillow Infused with Temperature Regulating Gel

we tell you all the essential information about latex pillows to make it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Below, you will find full reviews of the latex pillow selection presented in the table above—even cleaning and care tips and some interesting links.

What is latex?

Latex is a natural origin material: it is a liquid of a milky, viscous, and elastic type, which is extracted from rubber trees. I mean, it’s its sap. Being an organic material, it is, therefore, biodegradable and resistant to bacteria.

It is extracted by making an incision in the tree trunk, which is subsequently regenerated.

Although its origin is from Brazil, specifically from the Amazon, it is currently extracted in other areas with a tropical climate, especially in Southeast Asia.

In the domestic environment, both in mattresses and pillows, it stands out for its firmness and elasticity properties, making it a particularly comfortable material.

What is latex?


Latex pillow production

There are two ways to produce latex for the mattress and pillow industry: One is the Talalay model in which the latex is frozen before being exposed to a high temperature through an oven.

Which prevents sediment or sediment from forming, and the latex has greater consistency while being somewhat lighter.

On the other hand, the Dunlop manufacturing process consists of stirring and moulding first and then baking.

In this process, part of the latex goes to the bottom of the mould, causing unevenness but right firmness. Talalay type latex is typically used for latex pillows.

Natural or synthetic latex pillow?

We must point out that in addition to natural latex, there is already synthetic latex.

In the case of pillows, they are manufactured in both options or also as a mixture of natural and synthetic latex.

In this sense, due to the boom in the purchase of natural products and the lack of consensus and regulation at times, it makes it a bit cumbersome to be sure of what we buy.

The easiest thing to be sure of is buying products labelled with the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

The objective is to educate companies on sustainable manufacturing processes, packaging, labelling, distribution, treatment, and commerce.

Another certificate that guarantees that the textile (for example, in pillowcases) has undergone laboratory tests of a wide range of harmful substances is the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

It controls that said content remains below the limit values established by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology.


Details analysis.

Summary Table Pros and Cons

 Care and Maintenance A

The pillows require little maintenance since they do not need to be shaken or fluffed.

 Durability A +

Latex pillows tend to maintain their shape and support for at least three years on average with normal and regular use. This is above average for other types of pillows. As they age, their particles come off and lose firmness.

Silent A +

They do not make any sound when moving or manipulating it.

Consistency A

Uniform support, adjusting to the weight and movement of the head and neck without losing shape.

Relieves Neck Pain A +

Very good for relieving neck pain due to constant support. If they cause discomfort, they are due to an incorrect choice of height or excessive firmness.

Reduce Voltage B

Uniform weight distribution, relief of tension in the shoulders and neck.

Sleeping on Side B

They have the support and softness preferred by those who sleep on their sides.

Adaptation B

You must get used to its weight. It may be too firm for some people. Do not exceed its height.

Reduces Snoring B

The proper support the pillow provides helps open the airways to reduce snoring. Of course, better if you sleep on your side and not on your back.

Fewer Allergies B

A small percentage of people are allergic to latex. It is antimicrobial and anti-dust mites, but not for that reason you should neglect its cleaning since although they do not eat latex, they live on dead skin.

Moldable C

A pillow that can be manipulated and alter its shape is considered malleable. This is not the case with latex pillows. Although the ones of crushed latex or lower height do have a specific range of malleability.

Rebound C

Although they are uniform, the latex pillows have some bounce compared to memory foam.

Price C

A latex pillow’s average price is higher than fibre or cotton pillows and comparable to or slightly less than memory foam pillows. However, its durability is worth the investment.

Mobility C

Latex pillows tend to be too dense and heavy, so they are not so easy to move and hug. Best for people who maintain posture at night.

Sleep upside down D

They are not highly recommended, especially if your mattress is very soft. Better, in this case, a low pillow or directly sleep without a pillow.

Cleaning D

They cannot be machine washed. Aerate or clean by hand.

Latex pillows are especially recommended for

You sleep on your side:

You sleep on your side:

Due to their firmness and resistance, these pillows can work very well to provide enough cushioning in the head and neck of people who sleep on their side.

There are models of very ergonomic latex pillows and crushed latex pillows that give greater flexibility and are ideal for sleeping on your side.

In this article, you can learn more about the benefits of Sleeping Sideways.

They sleep on their back:

In this case, we recommend a latex pillow that is not very high, but rather that it has a medium-low height and better if it is a cervical latex pillow.

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You are a warm person or with a tendency to sweating:

Since latex is one of the materials that retain the least heat, less than memory foam.

If you are prone to sweating, you should not use feather pillows, for example, as they tend to weigh more and absorb some moisture.

In contrast, latex pillows have a micro-perforation ventilation system that keeps them more relaxed.

You like consistent pillows:

A latex pillow offers regular, firm support. Although very comfortable, they are heavy pillows and not very pliable.


According to Type – Reviews and Purchase Links

Natural Cervical Latex Pillow


• Cervical orthopaedic

• Natural latex

• Relieves neck and back pain

• Sleep on your side and face up

• Does not retain heat

• Breathable and Antibacterial

• Average height

• Medium firmness


This latex pillow is undoubtedly one of the best valued by its users and one of the best sellers.

It is a cervical latex pillow, as it has the characteristic orthopaedic shape to relieve neck and cervical tension, guaranteeing fully anatomical neck support. Therefore, it is especially indicated for people with back pain.

Natural latex, of Thai origin, one of the places of most significant and best production today.

It is an individual pillow, dimensions 60×40, and an average height of 12cm.

Due to its cervical shape, it is highly recommended for sleeping on your side,

in which case, it is recommended to support the neck at the highest part of it is also very comfortable for sleeping on your back, in which case it is better to leave the lower part under the neck.

This will depend on how you feel more comfortable.

It is of medium firmness; we could classify it as a 6, being 1 very soft and 10 very hard.

Being made of latex and natural, and favoured by micro-perforations, this pillow does not retain excessive heat, which gives it an advantage over others such as memory foam. It is a breathable and antimicrobial pillow.

It comes vacuum-packed, and due to the latex smell, it is recommended to let it ventilate for at least 24 hours. It cannot be machine washed and preferably not hand dampened.

Yes, it is recommended to aerate from time to time and avoid exposing it to direct sun. With a protective cover included.

KamaHaus Latex Pillow


• Soap Shape

• Available in 7 sizes

• One of the best valued

• Polyvalent

• Does not retain heat

• Cover with Breathable Aloe Vera and Mites

• Average height

• medium-soft firmness

• With guarantee

Read Review

Without a doubt, one of the preferred and best valued by users. After testing it for a month.

We can assure the excellent value for money of this latex pillow that adapts perfectly to the weight of the head without generating tension.

It is available in seven sizes ranging from 70cm to 150cm.

Its width is approximately 40cm, and it has a height of 13cm,
which makes it versatile to sleep on your side and your back and adapt well to anyone.

Its firmness is medium-soft.

It is especially notable for its washable, zippered, and stretch fabric, which consists of a flexible and elastic knit fabric with an aloe vera treatment that makes it exceptionally breathable and anti-dust mite.

It has a two-year warranty for defects.

Low Height Natural Latex Pillow


• 100% Natural Latex foam

• Dimensions 60x40x7cm height

• High density but soft

• Ideal for children

• Sleep on your back

• With washable cover

• Aniacars, hypoallergenic

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Of natural latex multiperforated and possibly latex pillow thinner of the market since it only has a 7 cm high, which makes it ideal for Domir faceup or facedown.

Also, for people with small or small complexions such as children, providing comprehensive support to the head and neck is very useful in combating neck pain or discomfort.

It is of medium hardness.

The includes a washable, breathable, and antibacterial cotton cover.
Goodell Latex Cervical Pillow


• 100% Organic Latex

• Orthopedic Cervical Pillow

• Dimensions 60x40x12cm

• Medium firmness

• Sleep on your side and face up

• Double washable cotton cover

• Breathable, hypoallergenic

• With guarantee

Read Review
With an ergonomic design, this cervical latex pillow is very versatile.

Our opinion agrees with that of the vast majority of users in that it is comfortable both for sleeping on your side and your back.

Compared to other models, it does not have as much smell, although we always recommend airing it a little before using it.

Like the rest of the latex pillows, it is completely silent.

It does not have an excessive rebound of firmness and medium height, so it adapts very well to the weight of the head and is perfect for those who suffer from back problems and cervical discomfort.

We highlight the double washable cotton cover, the breathable mesh interior and the outer, thicker and velvety, very soft.

With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day trial.

Goldflex Natural Latex Pillow


• Soap Shape

• Natural latex

• Relieves neck and back pain

• Ideal Sleeping Sideways

• Does not retain heat

• Breathable and Anti-Mite

• Medium-high height

• Medium-high firmness

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Pillow from the Italian brand Goldflex made of 100% natural latex foam. It is made of micro-perforated latex with ventilation channels that make it breathable and prevent heat accumulation.

It is a pillow with dimensions of 70×40 and an average height of 14cm, indicated for people who sleep on their sides and with medium shoulder width.

It has a medium-high firmness (hardness) too, which prevents it from losing excessive height when we rest our heads on it. Do not be scared by the smell; it is typical of the material.

Let it air for a week before using it and wrap it in a protective cover. This comes with an elegant 100% cotton cover included.

The cover does not have a zipper, so we recommend leaving this cover as an outer cover and adding an intermediate cover; it can also be cotton, breathable and zippered.

Cervical Latex Pillow Primoline


• Cervical Ergonomic Shape
• Natural and synthetic blend latex
• Made in Europe
• Average height
• Certified cotton protective cover
Read Review
This Primoline latex pillow is made from a blend of natural and synthetic latex made in Europe using the Dunlop latex treatment process.

It is an ergonomic cervical pillow with a neck support body and whose dimensions are 40×60 with an average height of 12 cm.

The pillow core is mould resistant, antibacterial, and ventilated thanks to its open cell structure, preventing heat and moisture from accumulating.

It came with a machine-washable zippered cotton protective cover and certified Oeko-Tex free from harmful materials.
100% Pikolin Latex Pillow


• Soap Shape

• 100% latex
• Medium firmness
• Average height
• 2 covers
• Antibacterial treatment
Read Review
Pillow from the renowned brand Pikolin, offers a perfect balance between durability and comfort. To guarantee excellent breathability and ventilation, its core is multi-perforated.

It is available in seven sizes and has a height of about 14cm that give way but just enough to allow proper head support. It is not very hard or very soft and works well for sleeping on your side and your back.

It should be noted that it comes with two covers included, the protection cover and a 100% polyester outer stretch cover.

This pillow stands out from others by their trat amino Sanitized Silver Freshness into the case, which makes it antibacterial, ensuring a spotless and hygienic rest.

What is the Average Price of a Latex Pillow?

Although it is not always the most important or determining factor, it is one more factor to consider when investing in a pillow.

We will tell you that a latex pillow’s average price is around 29$-160$  on average for the right quality pillow that lasts in perfect condition for two to three years.

Average Price of a Latex Pillow

There are premium models that can exceed 160 Dollar, such as Dunlopillo Latex Pillows, a pioneering brand in latex for pillows, and that you can find at this link.

How long does a latex pillow last? And when should you replace it

Latex pillows have more excellent durability without loss of properties compared to other pillows such as fibre pillows.

Commonly, we forget to renew our pillow, and you may not remember when or where you bought yours last time.

Think that it is a product that you use daily for 7 or 8 hours and therefore tends to lose some of its characteristics over time, such as its firmness, which can be altered.

The important thing is that you check how it is kept in good condition and see the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the time of use.

There are quality brands that have a three-year money-back guarantee, so your pillows can last much longer.

It is advisable for a standard price pillow to change it every 2 or at most 3 years. Premium pillows can last 5 years or more without a problem. Without a doubt, the replacement of the pillow benefits your rest.

A good trick:

If you are unsure whether to change your latex pillow, we encourage you to test whether it has become lumpy or notice that particles are starting to come loose from the material.

Another test that works is to see if by folding it in half and releasing it. Does it remain bent? In that case, it is time to renew it for another.

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How to wash a latex pillow?

As you do with clothes, the first thing we must do is go to the manufacturer’s label to see the indications. We tell you that latex pillows can not usually be machine washed unless the manufacturer says otherwise.

For care, what is recommended is airfares occasionally, every two months, taking them out of its holster. To do this, place them in a shady and well-ventilated place, never in the sun.

If it is visibly dirty and you want to wash it, you should do it by hand. Prep warm water in a container with a little, very little, of delicate laundry detergent to do this.

Dampen a clean rag and squeeze it very well before taking it to the pillow. Gently rub it in small circles. To remove moisture, you can wipe with another clean, dry cloth or towel.

The important thing is that the pillow dries entirely and does not retain moisture. Dry it by leaving it in a dry and airy environment on a clean flat surface, first on one side, and then on the reverse.

To help extend your pillow’s life, we recommend that you always add a protective cover between the pillow and the outer cover.

It is best to machine wash both the pillowcase and the outer cover regularly with warm water and mild laundry detergent.

Why should you regularly wash your pillowcase?

Triple-A: Mites, Acne, Allergy
Washing the cover prevents possible hives or acne reactions, caused by accumulated dirt, dead skin, or sweat. And, although latex pillows are anti-dust mites, they inevitably appear and reproduce on the cover.

These arthropods feed on our dead skin and are the main cause of allergy.

Therefore, washing the cover as many times as possible is the best recommendation. We recommend at least changing the outer cover weekly and the inner cover of the latex pillow once a month.

pillow mouth



Latex pillows are soft and guarantee balanced and even support. They help relieve neck pain and accumulate little heat. They are durable compared to other types; they do not agglomerate or deform.


They are dense and heavy pillows, making them difficult to manipulate if you are used to moving, or you like malleable pillows that you can hug. Another point to mention is that they have a smell typical of the material.

But generally, it is left to air a few days before using it.

compared with memory foam.


In the market, usually, latex pillows are compared with memory foam.

To finish, we tell you that there is a crushed latex pillow option on the market in addition to the latex pillows made in one piece, which makes it somewhat lighter and more malleable.

Also, some models include a zipper if you want to change the consistency adapting it to your liking personally. They are ideal for children.

It is recommended to level the crushed latex pillows. This means sponging it regularly, by gentle shaking of small blows. One-piece latex pillows do not need to be fluffed up.

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